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a deep LOVE for baking

Fresh baked is a idea 25 years in the making; we believe the best best bessttt way to eat desserts is fresh, and that is why we have brought the service to you as such, it is our families guarantee to have any fresh baked good you have ordered delivered to you or a loved one within three hours of being baked!!

Although baked goods can taste A-MAZE-ING at all times after there creation, and we have experienced this while visiting and enjoying at some of the fine bakeries locally in the NY metro area... but who cant admit that MOST things taste better FRESHHH

passion for history

The owners of Fresh Baked are proud Americans born and bred in the NY metropolitan area, from the bright lights of the city to the beautiful shimmers of the upstate lakes, the familia is all over the globe, we have family in Italia, family in Peru, and family in Germany.

The head chef Sal Salzano the third was born in the Bronx at Einstein and was raised in Colonial Heights, remaining in Westchester for most of his life with a brief branch off into Bushwick Bk; it seems before working as head cook prep and baker at Bronxville diner the chef had always had a deep passion for baking. 

It was at the age of 8 during the night when the young chef started doing what it is he loves doing until this day.....and that's BAKE! That is why we offer 24-7 delivery.

late nights baking

It was at night after dinner when the warm baked goods starting flowing, at night after dinner when the table was clean and the dishes were in the dish washer the baking would start, and it's since than its never stopped, baking fresh cookies, cakes, and brownies is something the chef does with great LOVE AND PASSION.

our guarantee

Our baking family guarantees to bring any order to the delivery location within three hours of coming out of the oven or the order is free.